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Bear Tales

I was overjoyed to read that the last dancing bear in India has just been released into a bear sanctuary and that there will no more dancing bears in India.
What a horrible life they must have lived!
Furthermore, so many bear cubs were stolen for the dancing bear trade that sloth bears are now an endangered species in India. It is only because of the marvellous work of WSPA,  Save the Bear (a Western Australian organisation) and other animal conservation organisations that this has been accomplished.

Sadly, the brown spectacled bear (the inspiration for Paddington Bear) in South America is now under threat. Only a couple of thousand bears now survive in the jungles and farmers and their cattle have encroached on their territory so much that the bears have started to supplement their traditional diet of berries and insects with meat from cattle they have killed. Of course this has enraged the farmers who are shooting the bears. There are caring scientists who are trying to work out a strategy to appease the farmers – hopefully with cash restitution.

It is definitely not an easy life for bears now that we have encroached so far into their territory.
Even the black bears in Yellowstone National Park are having a hard time of it. Their reduced territory now overlaps with the territory of the Grisly Bear and scientists have for the first time ever, found the bodies of three black bears who who were killed in separate brutal attacks by Grislys. Grislys lead a solitary existance and do not take kindly to other bears in their territory. However, the Grisly Bear territory has been so reduced that they have been entering people territory and have been shot. In fact, Grisly Bears are also now endangered.

Hard days for bears!

On a more cheerful note, these are the last few days for you to make a donation to the Catskills Animal Sanctuary which rescues abandoned farm animals.
A most generous benefactor has offered to match up to $1.5 million, any donation made before 1st January, 2010. So, for the sake of donkeys, hens, horses, cows, pigs and goats who have suffered so much at the hands of brutal humans, please give a donation so they can have new sheds and plenty of food!

In my next post I will tell you about a wonderful entomologist I met yesterday who is saving endangered species on Lord Howe Island.


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