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One Hell of a Beauty

Have any of you environmentalists been wondering who the culprits are who are using rhino horn powder and driving the poor creatures to extinction?

I understood it was the Chinese who created the demand for the rhino horn to put in their medicines.

However, there is another person who has the big bucks necessary for the purchase – Elle Macpherson.

To quote a recent article in Woman’s Day Magazine (28th June, 2010) –

Elle Macpherson, 47, is on the hunt for a new youth elixer after ditching her favourite treatment – rhino horn powder, which she describes as tasting “like crushed bone and fungus”. Her change of heart came after learning rhinos are endangered.

I thought my eyes must be deceiving me!  How amazing!

As opposed to jet setting Elle, I am just an ordinary person with no celebrity network, but even I know that rhinos are on the brink of extinction because of the insane demand for their horn.
Since this has been the case for decades, I have to ask what planet Elle has been living on – guess it’s Planet Elle. I wonder if she pondered on why the price was so high?

Trade in rhino-horn powder has been banned since 1995.

To quote Richard Kay of the Daily Mail: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1286313/Alan-Bennett-1-500-pickpockets.html#ixzz0rYDrJD6W

Veteran ­environmentalist Tony Fitzjohn, from the George ­Adamson Wildlife ­Preservation Trust, tells me: ‘This is incredibly irresponsible. I have never been so disgusted in my 40 years of trying to save wildlife.

‘Her remarks mean that people will come after these scarce and ancient animals with guns.

‘Men die protecting them, and the well-being of countries that rely on tourism and wildlife are diminished.

I certainly now have a very negative view of a beautiful woman who is so insecure about her looks that she would be instrumental in killing such a magnificent creature so that she can erase a couple of wrinkles.

I just hope that someone tells her that tigers are endangered and so are most exotic animals these days just in case she hears that they can prolong her beauty too.

It’s rather sad when a wealthy and beautiful woman starts to panic about aging.  Besides the fact that I doubt that rhino horn makes one iota of difference to her face, I really wonder if the good her beauty does for the world is worth the lives of the many rhinosauruses that have been killed for it! If she can’t age gracefully why not do what everyone else seems to be doing and have botox or a facelift?

 I think Elle was the genius who said that she wouldn’t have a book in her house unless she’d written it. What a shame, if she had read a couple of other people’s books she might know that rhinos are endangered. However, she is quite a canny business woman and I think she might have worked out that there was a reason that she was paying thousands of dollars for an ounce of the powder.

Sadly, the beauty and fashion industries are two of the major reasons that so many magnificent creatures are in demise.

Every time I see snake skin boots, belts, shoes and handbags I wince. How many boas have been killed to service that fashion?

The musk deer has been driven to the point of extinction by the perfume industry for their musk.

Watch any old movie and you’ll see tiger skins as rugs and leopard skin and jaguar hats and coats on the actresses.

I have always thought that the only fair thing would be if animals were issued with guns to protect themselves.  Now that would be interesting.


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