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The High Cost of Paper

As an author, I am very concerned about how I source my paper. At home I use recycled paper and recycled envelopes.

I don’t try to obtain cheaper prices overseas as I fear that cheap prices means that the paper has been sourced from unsustainable sources – most probably rainforests in Indonesia.

However, the biggest timber producers in Australia  use poison 101 as a cheap and easy method of maintaining their plantations. Many of these timber plantations are cultivated in old growth forests in Tasmania. Wallabies, wombats and other native wildlife abound in these forests. Naturally, they see the baby saplings growing and will be inclined to nibble on them.

The forestry workers initially leave carrots around for the animals to eat. Then a little while later, after the animals have become used to eating the food, the carrots are drenched with poison 101. The death is horrendous. Every cell in their bodies shuts down and as they desperately try to reach water, the forestry workers have to stop them so they won’t contaminate the water supply.

However, Great Southern Plantations, who unfortunately have now closed down, developed a special shade cloth system which they used to protect their saplings, so such a system is commercially available.

My books are printed by Griffin Press who source their paper from sustainable plantations. The certification I have stamped on my books says ‘FSC promotes environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests’. The FSC is a European standard. They do not approve of plantation growth in old growth forests. Naturally, Australian timber companies do not much care for this certification as they say it impedes them. They much prefer the Australian standard which is more lax.

So, every time we use paper there is a big possibility that it comes at the cost of native animals being poisoned with one of the most deadly chemicals know to mankind.



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