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Staff at a zoo in Jersey in the Channel Islands are ecstatic at the birth of a Tamarin Monkey. The Black Lion Tamarin comes from Brazil but there are only 1000 left in the wild because their habitat has been destroyed by loggers.

How sad that the only specimens will be in zoos! Will the logging of jungles ever cease?

Oh sorry, of course they will – when they are all chopped down! And then everyone will be mighty happy.


http://news.bbc.co.uk - pied tamarin monkey twins

The picture inserted is of rare pied tamarin monkey twins born in Colchester Zoo in June 2010.

It is thought the population of the pied tamarin in the wild has fallen by half over the last 18 years.

The pied tamarin, which originates from the Manaus region of Brazil, is an endangered species on International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List.

“There’s a European endangered species programme for them, so the studbook keeper looks to match genetically compatible animals together,” said Anthony, the zoological director.

Because of their nervous disposition, pied tamarins are notoriously difficult to breed, according to Anthony.

So this is another case of a species being almost wiped out because of their habitat being destroyed. 


In July, 2010, London Zoo’s golden-headed lion tamarin adopted a baby emperor tamarin, when it was just two weeks old.
Emperor tamarins, native to South America, are generally brought up by their fathers who carry them until they are old enough to fend for themselves. 

However, the childless golden-headed lion tamarin monkey took a shine to the grey youngster two weeks after it was born at London Zoo.

Senior keeper, Lucy Hawley, said: ‘At first the father of the emperor tamarin baby was a little nervous about Juanita but now they all seem to get along just fine”. 

It certainly doesn’t pay to be afraid of anything. It does seem that you’ll attract what you’re afraid of. At least that seems to be the way with this British tourist who was attacked by monkeys.
I can sympathise with her as I myself was attacked by a cranky monkey in Thailand,  that clung on to my arm and gave me a big bite. I still have the scar.

The 56-year-old was surrounded and attacked by a group of macaques as she sat on a towel while on holiday in Thailand. She had a fear of primates after her father brought up a ‘positively evil’ chimpanzee.

So she and a friend joined a tour on Monkey Island, off Phuket.

‘I thought I was heading for safety under this rock in the shade,’ said Mrs Darwell.

‘The next thing I noticed, this monkey walked up next to me and I thought, “Oh dear”.

‘Then, the monkey took my wrist and pounced on my right arm, sinking his teeth in and hung off it. He wouldn’t let go – he was locked on.

‘There was one man, a tourist, and when he saw the monkey bite me, he screamed and ran off. Then another monkey bit my arm… and all of a sudden I was surrounded by monkeys.’

Mrs Darwell, of Peterborough, collapsed and was taken to hospital with puncture wounds and bruising.

She said: ‘I wouldn’t have got off that bloody boat if the tour guide had said at all that there was even the slightest risk.’

Tour leader Yongyut Buasod said: ‘We can’t control the monkeys if they decide to bite someone.’
Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/news/831554-monkey-phobia-woman-attacked-by-group-of-macaques#ixzz1MmxJEL9Z


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