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I hope that you all have a wonderful day today!

I’ve already had a major drama. I was going to my mum’s for lunch and it was just going to be the two of us having lunch in front of the tellie as we were going to the nursing home to visit my dad afterwards.

Then unexpectedly, a good friend from interstate rang to say that she was now part of the crew of a huge ship which had just sailed into Sydney Harbour!

What to do? She couldn’t come to a restaurant with us on Christmas Eve as she had to be on the ship for rehearsals for a show they were putting on, so all that was left was Christmas Day. However, I didn’t think she’d be impressed with our knees up in front of the tellie.

I scanned the internet for restaurants but they were all booked out.


Luckily, my mum rang the local leagues club and they’d just had a cancellation and we got in there. It might not be what my friend has in mind but well, we’ll have heaps of company and we won’t have to do any cooking!

Just goes to show that you can make all the plans you like but things can change in an instant!

Hope your plans work out better than mine today! Actually, the real loser today is my dog Indy who would have gone to my mum’s but I don’t think they’ll appreciate her presence at the leagues club!


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