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The Doofuzz Dudes and the Ozone Thief




Book number nine, The Doofuzz Dudes and the Ozone Thief,  is now in production!

Hopefully it will be published by July this year.

Read the blurb here so you will know what to expect –

When Toby and Huon Doofuzz’s cousin, Jared comes to visit, he brings a kooky new invention with him – a set of repairing arms! As usual, nothing goes as planned, and after an embarrassing incident where the repairing arms smash Mrs. Doofuzz’s antique vase, Jared seriously considers giving up inventing.

Before too long the Dudes are thrown headlong into an incredible adventure when Mr. Pillari’s magic display goes horribly wrong and the Dudes find themselves on the way to the Planets Zok and Joh25n. Even more disturbingly, they have a nasty encounter with the Moondarians’ sworn enemy, the horrible Prince Florian and his scary girlfriend,  Acid-Rayne.   

How did Prince Florian escape his space jail? And who are the blue Twaddlers?

Will the magical Oruclees survive the catastrophe on Planet Joh25n?

Who is Raindrain the Drainbrain and what part does he play in the dramatic situation?

And will the Dudes escape their next encounter with the creepy Space Spiders?

Most importantly, who is the Ozone Thief and can the damage be repaired?

To find out the answer to these questions, and more, read the ninth book in the Doofuzz Dudes series, The Ozone Thief.


Sadly, the recent change of government has given a higher profile to a very unsavoury political group –  The Shooters’ and Fishers’ Party.

There is a revolting photo in circulation of their leader, Robert Brown MP, crouching proudly beside an elephant he has slaughtered and then later, hauling away its tusks.

It is a very sad day indeed when a political party with the sole goal of ensuring that as great an area as possible is made available for blood sports, should be able to gain so much power.

Extraordinarily, they want the introduction of hunting classes in schools! 

Their list of demands go on and on and although they are sugar coating their requests under the guise of ‘saving’ Australia from the terrible threat of feral animals,  their only goal is to indulge their blood lust by killing as much as possible with the help of their dogs.

Among other demands, they want national parks opened up to them and their dogs. Just imagine – the very place which has been set aside for native animals – the only ‘safe’ place for animals now that their habitats have been destroyed to build apartment blocks – is now going to be invaded by brutes with guns and dogs! How sad that we can’t and won’t protect our native animals.

Their manifesto includes –

  • The Party asserts the right of the law-abiding citizen to own and use firearms.

So they want everyone to be toting guns,  and for children to learn about killing at school. Is there enough wildlife for everyone to kill? They won’t be surprised when children bring guns to school and shoot each other, will they?

I quote directly from http://candobetter.net/node/1352 –

Professional safari hunters, recreational hunters, sports shooters, or weekend warriors? This Bill would overturn all environmental legislation protecting our remaining wildlife in NSW. It is repugnant. This proposal is nothing to do with noble gesture of taking on the task of the government’s culling feral animals in National Parks.
The Game Council in this self-interested set of demands, simply wants to give its weekend warrior member base open slather access to shoot almost anything and everything in the bush. It would be 24/7 open season on wildlife perpetually across NSW every day of the year. Every weekend would be weekend warrior party time in the ute with the spotties and the beers and the guns – just like in the good old days eh? In doing so, The Game Council and the Shooters Party have shown their true colours. The Game Council’s objective is to provide for the effective management of ‘introduced species’ of game animals. By advocating the hunting and shooting of native animals and birds is outside its ‘introduced species’ charter.

According to Greens MP Ian Cohen, if feral animals are to be culled then “it should be managed by trained Livestock Health and Protection Authority officers.” “Recreational hunters are not helping when it comes to feral species – the reality is that hunters, with their dogs, are often a cause of pest species dispersal, driving feral animals into national parks.”

It will be truly unfortunate if this group of rednecks get their way! What they stand for is repugnant to the majority of the population.


 A little bit of good news on the subject of cane toads which have devastated wildlife across Australia since their introduction by some lame brained people decades ago.

A clever person attached a radio tracking transmitter to a cane toad which was found in Sydney. That cane toad led the trackers to its breeding grounds where its tadpoles were found and hopefully fed to some hungry fish.

We don’t need cane toads in Sydney or anywhere at all.

Everyone seems to hate rats but, quoting from the Daily Telegraph – Rats love drains and so do toads and both come from the Northern Hemisphere so rats have developed a tolerance for the toad’s poison.  A researcher was following a cane toad fitted with a transmitter and he found it in a drain, killed by a rat. So rats aren’t as bad as you thought – are they?

Also the threatened native green and golden bell frogs are apparently eating the toads’ tadpoles. That is interesting as I’ve read that even the cane toads’ tadpoles are poisonous.

A labrador is being used by Sutherland Council to sniff out cane toads and a second dog, a kelpie, is also being trained.


 What do you make of the American lady who has been caring for a disabled kangaroo as if it was her own child?

Irwin, the kangaroo, suffered brain damage when he hopped into a fence at a wildlife sanctuary a year ago.

Christie Carr took over his care and had a bolster seat fitted in her car with a hole for his tail. She dresses him in suits and pyjamas and feeds him very inappropriate food – cheezels and chips.

However, there is no denying her love for Irwin, the red kangaroo, and yet her local council is demanding that she insure it for $50,000 per year to ensure it doesn’t attack anyone. She has had him neutered so that he won’t become agressive and in fact, he is undersized for his age and won’t be growing to full size due to the fact that he has been desexed.

Given that in Australia we hate our national icon, the Kangaroo, and at any given moment there are hundreds of hunters out there blasting them to smithereens whilst every morning the ones that got away are lying squashed on our national highways, it is a wonderful thing that someone really does love their kangaroo pet.

Sure, Irwin shouldn’t be wearing a suit and pyjamas and eating cheezels, but who could deny the love of a woman for a disabled animal who would undoubtedly have been euthanized if it had been left to its own devices?

Let the lady keep  her pet and congratulations to a woman who really does love a kangaroo, instead of eating it as we do in Australia!


I just read the following news, so it seems that Irwin has been saved! The winner as per usual, is the insurance company.

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. — An anonymous donor has purchased a $50,000 insurance policy to help an Oklahoma woman keep her pet kangaroo as a therapy pet.

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Australia’s New Native Animals – Cane Toads, Cows and Sheep

I have just read a sad story about how five endangered Sumatran elephants have been killed by villagers because they most likely damaged their crops.


It’s the same old story. The elephants’ habitat has now been chopped down so there’s nothing for them to eat. So they eat the villagers’ crops. The villagers get angry. They retaliate. They kill the culprits. Five endangered elephants are now dead.

Wild and native animals are now the enemies of mankind. We don’t want them. There’s no place for them in our lives except as zoo exhibits, or as in the case of the kangaroo – on our dinner plate. 

My friend Julia was driving up on the highway near Byron Bay on Friday night and she noticed a baby koala trying to cross the highway.  She jumped out and helped it cross (nearly getting herself run over by semi trailers in the process).  When it got to the other side it was so stressed out it immediately tried to go back the way it had come. She had no option but to grab it and take it to the police station where it was to be handed over to WIRES (Wildlife Information and Rescue Service) officers.

The reason for this catastrophe is that all over Australia we build double lane major highways through koala habitats. I have seen squashed koalas in Victoria where the Hume Highway goes right through koala homeland.  It’s really quite disgraceful.

Have a read of what I have already written about the way we treat our iconic koala https://roslynmotter.com/2010/03/11/pity-about-the-australian-koala/

As for kangaroos, they are now just considered pests and lean meat. We are being encouraged to overcome the childhood obesity epidemic by eating kangaroos. No mention of giving up junk food or exercising – just eat kangaroo meat! When I was a child, no one ate kangaroo meat but we were all thin and active.

A recent discussion on this very subject at the University of Technology, advertised it as follows –


UTSpeaks: Killing Skippy
Will kangaroos survive being seen as lean, tender meat and damaging pests?

November 30th 2010

How did kangaroos stop being wonders of the Australian bush, becoming only good for food or sport?

Why do conflicting opinions abound about how many kangaroos Australia should maintain and how many we can sustain, if these animals are intensively harvested in the wild for meat? Despite industry reassurances, do kangaroos and their pouch young suffer cruelly at the hands of hunters?

Based on cutting-edge UTS research, this public lecture addresses the contentious issues of harvesting and eating kangaroos as a means to protect the environment and examines the laws and regulations that govern the well-being of one of our most treasured national icons.

I have previously written about this subject and the abhorrent way that joeys are ‘finished off’ after their mothers have been slaughtered. See https://roslynmotter.com/2010/03/27/baby-seals-and-joeys-a-head-splitting-issue/

I didn’t go to the talk so I don’t know what was said, however I think that the crux of the problem is that more than anything, we want their land.  Koalas are proving to be a jolly nuisance as they tend to live in highly desirable areas – Port Macquarie, Nelson Bay, the southern part of Queensland for example, where a lot of development is occuring.

All animals need a certain amount of space for their habitat before they become stressed.  It’s no use leaving a few trees with koalas on either side of a double lane highway and hoping that everything will work out. It won’t work out for the koalas anyway.

But then it’s not just koalas and kangaroos who are animals non gratis. It’s fruit bats, ibises, sharks, wombats, crocodiles, cockatoos, possums – the list goes on. 

I remember when the beautiful Christmas Beetle was a Christmas trademark. They’d be all over the place in summer. I haven’t seen one for years.  I read last week how Stephen Fellenberg has said that their disappearance is due to their habitat being destroyed. They have an incubation period of two years under the ground before they emerge, fully formed.  These incubation areas are being dug up to make way for housing developments. Same old story.

We’ve made life as miserable as we can for Australian wildlife. We’ve brought in Indian Mynah birds and cane toads which have decimated our birds and native animals. Whatever is left over is under serious stress.

Curiously, since I wrote this blog I’ve noticed a few people googling ‘are cows and sheep native Australian animals?’ Well the answer to this is a big NO. They, together with foxes, rabbits, dogs, cats and pigs were brought out to Australia from England after colonisation. Foxes were for ‘sport’ and I’m sure rabbits were for food, as were the pigs, cows and sheep. Cats and dogs were for pets. We’ve since helped by bringing in Myrna birds and cane toads.

I’ve spoken about biodiversity before. The links in the chain are fast coming apart and it won’t be long before we find out what the repercussions will be.

It looks like we can soon forget Australia’s native iconic animals. 

A report was recently released titled ‘Into Oblivion: The disappearing native mammals of northern Australia’. It estimates that the number of sites classified as empty of mammal activity rose from 13% in 1996 to 55% in 2009 and predicts that in 20 years native mammals will be extinct. Presumably that does not include the human mammal. However, how can we be sure? We are just one link in that biological chain and if we are the only link left, what will that mean for our survival?

We can expect that in a few years all that will remain in Australia will be people, cane toads, Indian mynahs, cows and sheep and strangely, the government doesn’t seem to care or maybe now it’s just all too hard.

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