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Details of Roslyn’s school visits

Great Feedback!

I love to hear from Doofuzz Dudes fans and I was very excited to read a review in the Penrith Star from a young fan at Werrington Primary School. You can see it at

If you are a Doofuzz Dudes reader and would like to tell me what you think of the books, please send me a message.

I have lots of fans at Telopea Primary School and they all proudly told me that they’d voted for me in the Koala Awards.  I was so touched that I decided to have a party for them in their morning tea break.  We had jam and cream sponges, muffins, chips, Freddo frogs etc. It was super and one little girl told me that it was the best day of her whole life!

Now back to the drudge of writing the dictionary for The Planet Zok. Pity I can’t have a party every day!

Vasey Tove



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What do I do every day?

Well every day is different and also extremely busy.

Since I am also an acupuncturist, I often have to do an acupuncture treatment for an hour and then go back to the computer to read and answer emails from schools, bookshops and Doofuzz Dudes fans. I  pack up sets of books to send to schools and bookshops and then run them up to the post office.

Today I spent the morning proof reading the manuscript of the eighth book in the Doofuzz Dudes series – The Planet Zok.

Often I visit schools and talk to students. I also drive interstate to visit schools. I’ve just come back from a week in Victoria and a week in Queensland.

While I was in Victoria I attended the Yabba Awards presentation and visited five schools – Sunbury Heights, Ardmona, Axedale, Moama and Echuca East Primary Schools. In Queensland I visited Our Lady of the Angels Primary and Mary Immaculate Primary and spoke at Clarindale Library.

I also do book signings at bookshops. Two weeks ago I did a booksigning at the new Angus and Robertson store at Top Ryde. I love talking to parents, children and librarians who pass through the stores. Christmas is always a busy time for me as I often go to a different bookshop each day.

In fact it’s very hard for me to find time  to relax because if I’m not visiting schools, I’m most likely getting my next book ready – and that’s a lot of hard work! I have to proof read the book; organise the artwork; think about all the little extras I’m going to add to the back of the book (like the dictionary, glossary, extra bits of environmental information and the photos); get the ISBN and barcode ordered; get printing quotes and get the cover designed. Printing is a very exhausting and exacting business.

As you can see my days are very full!!

Vasey Tove


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