Books 4-8

Books 4 to 8

The Doofuzz Dudes and the Black Pearl of Laramoth

Spiny Hopperlox

Spiny Hopperlox

There are two Pearls of Laramoth. Both possess incredible powers. The White Pearl has the power to destroy and the Black Pearl has the power to heal.

Horath the Horrible wants both pearls in his quest for world domination so he kidnaps Toby and sends a note to the Moondarians saying:

“Bring me the Black Pearl of Laramoth within twenty-four hours and I will return King Toby. Otherwise you will never see him again!”

Join the Dudes, Toby’s cousin Jared and the Sandel of Kloon as they journey through the Sea of Laramoth to rescue Toby.

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The Doofuzz Dudes and the Cobra Curse

The Interplanetary Zipper

The Interplanetary Zipper

In the fifth book in the series Bobo, the Puzzle Master’s dog, disappears into thin air. To find him the Doofuzz Dudes must once again travel back in time in the mystical Moon Tree.

They must face dangers they have never before encountered including grotesque, invisible monsters and a farm full of deadly cobras! Can the Dudes find Bobo in time? What danger awaits them in the prehistoric jungle. To find out, read the The Doofuzz Dudes and the Cobra Curse.

Take a listen to this excerpt read by Munaiba Khan of The Copywriter Online.

The Doofuzz Dudes and the Space Spiders

A Space Spider

A Space Spider

The Dudes get a nasty shock when they discover the parents of Howard Soured – the school bully – have lied to Mrs Doofuzz to steal Toby’s special book Spells for a Magical King. They turn to their long time friend, the Sandel of Kloon, to help them retrieve it before it is too late.
But it’s not as easy as it seems and the Dudes have to endure a trip in the Interplanetary Zipper to visit Planet Styrax13. Along the way they are attacked by carnivorous floating Eye-Pods the horrendous Space Spiders! Will they succeed?  Grab your copy of the Doofuzz Dudes and the Space Spiders to find out. Check out this audio excerpt read by Munaiba Khan of The Copywriter Online.

The Doofuzz Dudes and the Blood Tree

When Hillary Pillari moves into Sunshine Grove, the Doofuzz Dudes aren’t sure about how much they should reveal to her about their secret activities. Then Cap, Hillary’s pet ferret, receives a letter from Zarundok and the Dudes realise they can’t avoid inviting Hillary to go with them on their latest adventure.

Travelling a million years into the past to the Anacanda Sea, they become caught up in volcanic eruptions, get trapped in spider webs and attacked by giant jellyfish as they race against time to save the magical Moon Tree. But what is the secret of Anacanda Candy? What danger must Toby face alone? And what role does the ancient and mysterious Blood Tree play in all of this?

Read the Doofuzz Dudes and the Blood Tree to find the answer as you join the Dudes on the most exciting adventure of their lives.

The Doofuzz Dudes and the Planet Zok

When Toby and Huon’s cousin Jared comes to visit, he brings freshly caught fish from Dolphin Bay and his latest invention, an invisibility sheet, which he tries out on the Doofuzz family with hilarious results.
However, the Dudes are dismayed when Mrs. Doofuzz serves the fish at dinner and almost chokes on a ring.
The ring is one of two rings presented to Toby by Moondrooth at the Anacanda Sea. Toby wears one and Zarundok wears the other.
Is this, then, a message from Zarundok for the Dudes? Is he in some awful trouble?
To find Zarundok, the Dudes must hasten to the amazing Planet Zok, the birthplace of all Moondarians.
But what is the connection between Zarundok’s rescue and the contents of the velvet pouch also given to Toby by Moondrooth? Who is the mysterious blind man called Tarlock? What is the Dobbie Bird? Who is the Majestic Queen Charlotte? And who are the Wizends?

Read The Doofuzz Dudes and The Planet Zok to find the answers to these questions and more!


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