Books 1-3

Doofuzz Dudes 1 to 3

Doofuzz Dudes 1 to 3

The Doofuzz Dudes Rescue Moondar
When Toby and Huon Doofuzz, and their friends Tom Halfweeg and William Mumford, form the Doofuzz Dudes Club, they dream of having a fabulous adventure.This dream becomes reality when they unearth a treasure chest buried in a secret cave.The four adventurers from Sunshine Grove have no idea how this discovery will lead them on to a fantastic adventure and into a fabulous world inhabited by giants, dragons, evil sorcerers, witches and other frightening creatures.When little people, with big eyes and big ears, jump out of the Spell Book, insisting that their Oracles have prophesied that the Doofuzz Dudes will lead them back to their long lost city of Moondar , the Dudes are astounded. When they are warned that the journey will be very dangerous, and along the way they will have to overcome many obstacles, they become very nervous, but decide if they stick together there should not be any challenges too horrendous to overcome.

A Biter Tree

A Biter Tree

However, they are hardly prepared for the most evil enemy of all – the nightmarish Prince Florian – who rides a grotesque flying beast called Gorian. Prince Florian wants the Spell Book and he will go to any lengths to get it off them.

The Dudes encounter so many obstacles it looks like they might never make it to Moondar. They fall over cliffs; have to pass through forests of ghastly trees that bite, and travel past man-eating dragons.

With only their quick wits, kind hearts and a little touch of magic to aid them, can the Dudes safely lead the Moondarians back to their lost city?

Read the ‘The Doofuzz Dudes Rescue Moondar’ to find out!  Want more? Take a listen to this audio excerpt read by Munaiba Khan of The Copywriter Online.

The Doofuzz Dudes and The Princess Detector

Months later, when the Doofuzz Dudes are called back to Moondar, they are hardly prepared for the new danger they must face.

The note

The note

Crown Princess Krystina has been kidnapped by the evil Dreezles, and the Moondarian and Lundarian Oracles have prophesied that only the Doofuzz Dudes can get her back!

The quest to rescue the Princess leads the Dudes to the ghastly Marshes of Salcazar and to the home of the sinister Blabbel of Salcazar, the strange soothsayer who lives down at the bottom of a well. They travel across the land on a fabulous bird called a Hawthork, all the time searching for clues to the whereabouts of the missing Princess. Their search leads them to strange markets where they meet odd creatures called Quigglers, and to terrifying Mount Dredlock and the scary Dracmoor Castle.

In their travels the Dudes have to face absolutely dreadful beasts, from ghastly killer Eezels to gruesome flying Gerdlocks. They also meet a horrid Shengoogle Goblin, and a rather frightening two headed Giant who wants to eat them.

Read The Doofuzz Dudes and The Princess Detector now.

The Doofuzz Dudes and the Babbling Bottles

In the third book in the series, the Doofuzz Dudes travel back to Moondar where a new Opera House is being built to celebrate King Toby’s Coronation.

The Moon Tree

The Moon Tree

Another building – made entirely from glass – is also being erected on the shores of Lake Moondar, just across from the Opera House. When the Dudes discover this is a factory owned by the dodgy Blabbel of Salcazar, they decide to do some snooping at Blabbel Industries Head Office in the Marshes of Salcazar.

Come on this helter skelter journey against time to prevent a complete and utter environmental disaster. Be dazzled by the devious Blabbel’s ruthless desire to make money at all costs. Share their fear when they cross paths with the evil Prince Florian. Travel with them through the hazardous Marshes of Carramel, inhabited by the dangerous mammoth Hizoons. Fly though time back to minus nineteen ninety nine in the hypnotically beautiful Moon Tree. Meet eccentric Lord Dimble of Dimblequirk and the tempestuous red haired opera diva, Iguana Lillee. Find out what amazing thing happens when Lillee performs at the Opera House.

Don’t miss out on this ending. All your friends will be talking about it for ages. This is definitely one adventure you won’t want to pass up sharing with the Doofuzz Dudes.

Get your copy of The Doofuzz Dudes and The Babbling Bottles here.


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