More Green House Hooha

camels in the desert from

Wow! What a crazy world we live in! Particularly in Australia I think!

This obsession with green house gases is absolutely ridiculous. The government will no doubt order a cull of pesky Australians next. Hopefully they will start with politicians.

They plan to cull 1 million camels in the outback because to put it bluntly – they fart too much.   People don’t, of course! But what about cows, pigs, goats and sheep?

And they have also made the clever observation that caged hens produce less green house gas emissions than free range hens. Well isn’t that grand?

A report for the Australian Egg Corporation, which represents most egg  farmers, found that free range egg production’s carbon footprint in Australia  was about 20 per cent higher than caged production.

The main reason was because free range egg production uses more feed per  kilogram of eggs produced  than caged egg production, the report, which was  half-funded by the federal government, found

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So we thought caging hens was a bad thing, right? Wrong! They might live lives of abject misery but it’s all good. Because they don’t eat much because they’re not fed much (and what’s the point anyway as they don’t have anywhere to go), they’re now the gold standard.

I might add that yellow yolks are produced by the hens eating  green material. There is no green material in a caged hen’s vicinity and there’s no grass in a crowded barn. So these hens are all fed food colouring in their feed and this is what makes their yolks yellow.

Personally, I only buy organic eggs. I have raised hens and I am all for the rights of all animals, and in particular, the rights of poultry who I believe, live a ghastly life in a factory situation.

So if all we now care about is what or who is producing more green house gases, and if eating more is what is producing those gases, then be prepared for the imposition of forced dieting on the whole Australian population and for the destruction of your family pet, because I know for sure that my dog farts a lot!

I am of the opinion that the most hot air is coming from Canberra. And surely those elaborate meals that are served in their taxpayer subsidised restaurant might also be creating a lot of unpleasant gases.

They should cut out their fois groie and caviar and maybe we could keep our poor camels whose only crime is they exist.


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  1. Erika

    Well said and so true.

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