Two Orangutans Who Got Away…

Here in Australia and in other Western countries we seem to be of the opinion that orangutans are delightful, cuddly animals who are loving and kind – even generous. I recently saw a video of unusual animal partnerships which featured a dog who was befriended by a young orangutan.  The orangutan would share all his food with the dog. Apparently this is normal behaviour for orangutans.

Unfortunately, it is not normal behaviour for humans who have no desire whatsoever to share their world with animals.

Money is our god and we will happily kill orangutans for it if that’s what it takes.

I have said this many times in my blog but it was brought into stark relief with this picture of a terrified orangutan protecting her baby from being killed by poachers seeking a bounty in a palm oil plantation in Borneo. Having burnt down the jungle, the plantation owners are keen to see an end to any pesky orangutans who have somehow managed to survive.


Luckily the orangutans in this picture survived and were relocated by an animal rescue organisation called Four Paws.

What a sad testament to mankind! When I read this I feel so sad that I am one of them.

And here’s another delightful story about our relationship with animals/ birds etc.

A provisional driver in Northern New South Wales changed lanes to run over four ducks that were waddling across the road, killing two. The remaining two were able to fly away.

Fortunately an off duty policeman was behind him and pulled him over, charging him with animal cruelty offences. I hope he finds it just as amusing when everyone knows his name.

I’m wondering if in our next lives we’ll all be lined up on some planet and used as target practice by aliens. Now that would be apt.


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