Hateful Hunters and Strange Governments



Last week I entered this post but it was buried under another item.  It seems bad enough to repeat it this week. Don’t we have enough problems with guns already? Sure, there are other weapons freely available, but guns are particularly lethal and in the hands of children, neverlone adults, they are a recipe for disaster.

Sadly, the recent change of government has given a higher profile to a very unsavoury political group –  The Shooters’ and Fishers’ Party.

There is a revolting photo in circulation of their leader, Robert Brown MP, crouching proudly beside an elephant he has slaughtered and then later, hauling away its tusks.

It is a very sad day indeed when a political party with the sole goal of ensuring that as great an area as possible is made available for blood sports, should be able to gain so much power.

Extraordinarily, they want the introduction of hunting classes in schools! 

Their list of demands go on and on and although they are sugar coating their requests under the guise of ‘saving’ Australia from the terrible threat of feral animals,  their only goal is to indulge their blood lust by killing as much as possible with the help of their dogs.

Among other demands, they want national parks opened up to them and their dogs. Just imagine – the very place which has been set aside for native animals – the only ‘safe’ place for animals now that their habitats have been destroyed to build apartment blocks – is now going to be invaded by brutes with guns and dogs! How sad that we can’t and won’t protect our native animals.

Their manifesto includes –

  • The Party asserts the right of the law-abiding citizen to own and use firearms.

So they want everyone to be toting guns,  and for children to learn about killing at school. Is there enough wildlife for everyone to kill? They won’t be surprised when children bring guns to school and shoot each other, will they?

I quote directly from http://candobetter.net/node/1352 –

Professional safari hunters, recreational hunters, sports shooters, or weekend warriors? This Bill would overturn all environmental legislation protecting our remaining wildlife in NSW. It is repugnant. This proposal is nothing to do with noble gesture of taking on the task of the government’s culling feral animals in National Parks.
The Game Council in this self-interested set of demands, simply wants to give its weekend warrior member base open slather access to shoot almost anything and everything in the bush. It would be 24/7 open season on wildlife perpetually across NSW every day of the year. Every weekend would be weekend warrior party time in the ute with the spotties and the beers and the guns – just like in the good old days eh? In doing so, The Game Council and the Shooters Party have shown their true colours. The Game Council’s objective is to provide for the effective management of ‘introduced species’ of game animals. By advocating the hunting and shooting of native animals and birds is outside its ‘introduced species’ charter.

According to Greens MP Ian Cohen, if feral animals are to be culled then “it should be managed by trained Livestock Health and Protection Authority officers.” “Recreational hunters are not helping when it comes to feral species – the reality is that hunters, with their dogs, are often a cause of pest species dispersal, driving feral animals into national parks.”

It will be truly unfortunate if this group of rednecks get their way! What they stand for is repugnant to the majority of the population.


Dr John Hadley from the University of Western Sydney has proposed legal rights for Australian native animals. He says that Australia has the largest loss of biodiversity in the world and this is due to habitat loss.


Naturally, farmers aren’t having any of it.

When I was driving home late last night I heard a radio announcer debating the subject of who ‘owns’ the world. He scoffed that snakes and frogs don’t own the world. We do!

How interesting. At last look I thought that the world belonged to everyone and everything that exists in it. I didn’t know that people, who incidentally are only a relatively recent addition in terms of the planet’s timeline, had special ownership rights. 

And if we are under that ridiculous illusion we can so easily be taught a jolly big lesson. We have already proved that we are powerless in the face of nature’s wrath. A single tsunami in Japan wiped out tens of thousands of people. Tornados wiped out homes, crops, farm animals as well as people. Floods have collectively killed hundreds of thousands of people all over the world from Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan to Australia just in the last two years. In the face of earthquakes we have also proved to be powerless.

And we think we ‘own’ the world? If we did then these problems would surely not exist. Would they?

And yet, if the oceans were to raise 10 metres in one night I wonder how many islands would be wiped out and how many people drowned. No problems – we own the world and we’ll make sure THAT doesn’t happen.


The same radio announcer was also furious that Baulkham Hills Shire Council has effectively put a green ban on all its residents. The locals who have huge blocks of land of up to five acres, have found that overnight huge swathes of their properties (the parts with trees on them that is) have been slapped with a no destruction order. So they are banned from cutting down the trees or subdividing the land.  Interesting! Of course they mostly undoubtedly bought the properties with the express intention of doing just that in the fullness of time.

However, I have to question the consistency of councils’ and governments’ attempts to preserve the environment.  Just down the road at Lane Cove, the State Government has still maintained its rezoning of Batten Reserve and appears to have the full intention of chopping down all those trees and killing all that wildlife. So where is the logic?

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