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The Doofuzz Dudes and the Ozone Thief



Book number nine, The Doofuzz Dudes and the Ozone Thief,  is now in production!

Hopefully it will be published by July this year.

Read the blurb here so you will know what to expect –

When Toby and Huon Doofuzz’s cousin, Jared comes to visit, he brings a kooky new invention with him – a set of repairing arms! As usual, nothing goes as planned, and after an embarrassing incident where the repairing arms smash Mrs. Doofuzz’s antique vase, Jared seriously considers giving up inventing.

Before too long the Dudes are thrown headlong into an incredible adventure when Mr. Pillari’s magic display goes horribly wrong and the Dudes find themselves on the way to the Planets Zok and Joh25n. Even more disturbingly, they have a nasty encounter with the Moondarians’ sworn enemy, the horrible Prince Florian and his scary girlfriend,  Acid-Rayne.   

How did Prince Florian escape his space jail? And who are the blue Twaddlers?

Will the magical Oruclees survive the catastrophe on Planet Joh25n?

Who is Raindrain the Drainbrain and what part does he play in the dramatic situation?

And will the Dudes escape their next encounter with the creepy Space Spiders?

Most importantly, who is the Ozone Thief and can the damage be repaired?

To find out the answer to these questions, and more, read the ninth book in the Doofuzz Dudes series, The Ozone Thief.


Sadly, the recent change of government has given a higher profile to a very unsavoury political group –  The Shooters’ and Fishers’ Party.

There is a revolting photo in circulation of their leader, Robert Brown MP, crouching proudly beside an elephant he has slaughtered and then later, hauling away its tusks.

It is a very sad day indeed when a political party with the sole goal of ensuring that as great an area as possible is made available for blood sports, should be able to gain so much power.

Extraordinarily, they want the introduction of hunting classes in schools! 

Their list of demands go on and on and although they are sugar coating their requests under the guise of ‘saving’ Australia from the terrible threat of feral animals,  their only goal is to indulge their blood lust by killing as much as possible with the help of their dogs.

Among other demands, they want national parks opened up to them and their dogs. Just imagine – the very place which has been set aside for native animals – the only ‘safe’ place for animals now that their habitats have been destroyed to build apartment blocks – is now going to be invaded by brutes with guns and dogs! How sad that we can’t and won’t protect our native animals.

Their manifesto includes –

  • The Party asserts the right of the law-abiding citizen to own and use firearms.

So they want everyone to be toting guns,  and for children to learn about killing at school. Is there enough wildlife for everyone to kill? They won’t be surprised when children bring guns to school and shoot each other, will they?

I quote directly from –

Professional safari hunters, recreational hunters, sports shooters, or weekend warriors? This Bill would overturn all environmental legislation protecting our remaining wildlife in NSW. It is repugnant. This proposal is nothing to do with noble gesture of taking on the task of the government’s culling feral animals in National Parks.
The Game Council in this self-interested set of demands, simply wants to give its weekend warrior member base open slather access to shoot almost anything and everything in the bush. It would be 24/7 open season on wildlife perpetually across NSW every day of the year. Every weekend would be weekend warrior party time in the ute with the spotties and the beers and the guns – just like in the good old days eh? In doing so, The Game Council and the Shooters Party have shown their true colours. The Game Council’s objective is to provide for the effective management of ‘introduced species’ of game animals. By advocating the hunting and shooting of native animals and birds is outside its ‘introduced species’ charter.

According to Greens MP Ian Cohen, if feral animals are to be culled then “it should be managed by trained Livestock Health and Protection Authority officers.” “Recreational hunters are not helping when it comes to feral species – the reality is that hunters, with their dogs, are often a cause of pest species dispersal, driving feral animals into national parks.”

It will be truly unfortunate if this group of rednecks get their way! What they stand for is repugnant to the majority of the population.


 A little bit of good news on the subject of cane toads which have devastated wildlife across Australia since their introduction by some lame brained people decades ago.

A clever person attached a radio tracking transmitter to a cane toad which was found in Sydney. That cane toad led the trackers to its breeding grounds where its tadpoles were found and hopefully fed to some hungry fish.

We don’t need cane toads in Sydney or anywhere at all.

Everyone seems to hate rats but, quoting from the Daily Telegraph – Rats love drains and so do toads and both come from the Northern Hemisphere so rats have developed a tolerance for the toad’s poison.  A researcher was following a cane toad fitted with a transmitter and he found it in a drain, killed by a rat. So rats aren’t as bad as you thought – are they?

Also the threatened native green and golden bell frogs are apparently eating the toads’ tadpoles. That is interesting as I’ve read that even the cane toads’ tadpoles are poisonous.

A labrador is being used by Sutherland Council to sniff out cane toads and a second dog, a kelpie, is also being trained.


 What do you make of the American lady who has been caring for a disabled kangaroo as if it was her own child?

Irwin, the kangaroo, suffered brain damage when he hopped into a fence at a wildlife sanctuary a year ago.

Christie Carr took over his care and had a bolster seat fitted in her car with a hole for his tail. She dresses him in suits and pyjamas and feeds him very inappropriate food – cheezels and chips.

However, there is no denying her love for Irwin, the red kangaroo, and yet her local council is demanding that she insure it for $50,000 per year to ensure it doesn’t attack anyone. She has had him neutered so that he won’t become agressive and in fact, he is undersized for his age and won’t be growing to full size due to the fact that he has been desexed.

Given that in Australia we hate our national icon, the Kangaroo, and at any given moment there are hundreds of hunters out there blasting them to smithereens whilst every morning the ones that got away are lying squashed on our national highways, it is a wonderful thing that someone really does love their kangaroo pet.

Sure, Irwin shouldn’t be wearing a suit and pyjamas and eating cheezels, but who could deny the love of a woman for a disabled animal who would undoubtedly have been euthanized if it had been left to its own devices?

Let the lady keep  her pet and congratulations to a woman who really does love a kangaroo, instead of eating it as we do in Australia!


I just read the following news, so it seems that Irwin has been saved! The winner as per usual, is the insurance company.

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. — An anonymous donor has purchased a $50,000 insurance policy to help an Oklahoma woman keep her pet kangaroo as a therapy pet.

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Spiders, Swans and Batten Reserve


Governments care about the environment. Right?

They care so much that in Australia they’re bringing in a carbon tax to save the environment. Right?

Well, I wonder…

Take the situation in Lane Cove – and no doubt in many other areas right across Australia.

The Former Labor State Goverment rezoned the bushland in Batten Reserve to allow the building of 6 storey apartment blocks in it because it is a bush fire risk. Really? How incredible. Imagine that. Based on that analysis of the situation bushland will be hacked down everywhere. It could all go up in flames. Best to chop it all down to be on the safe side!

According to the battle over the reserve is another flashpoint in the government’s campaign to squeeze more people into Sydney by requiring all councils to zone land for medium and high-density development to provide for 40 per cent growth in population over the next 30 years.

How wonderful! I nearly screamed on Friday after sitting for one and a half hours in a traffic jam up Carlingford way. How much more terrific it would have been if there were 40% more cars in it!

But if you value your local bushland, write to the federal Environment Minister, Tony Burke, and lobby the new state Liberal government to protect the bushland by reversing the earlier decision by the Department of Planning to rezone the Batten Reserve.

This is a very serious situation as it will be the bushland in your local council area that will go next. Otherwise how will there be enough room to increase Sydney’s population by 40% over the next 30 years.

And won’t it be delightful to live in Sydney then? It’s impossible to drive on the roads now! Imagine how public services will cope!

And I can’t help wondering how the proposed carbon tax to ‘save the environment’ meshes with this decidely destructive environmental proposal?



Spiders in trees in Pakistan


Actually I quite like spiders. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t want them crawling up my arm or climbing into my bed. But I never kill a spider; I get a broom and catch the spider with it and put it out the window.  How hard is that?

We ought to realize that spiders are not anxious to tangle with us either. They want to save their valuable venom for catching their prey.

On that subject and as an aside, do you know what is a very valuable anti-venom that can be used if you don’t know what spider has bitten you? Vitamin C!

My friend who runs a farm was horrified when her dog was bitten by a snake and was rapidly fading away in front of her eyes. She didn’t have time to take it to the vet as the dog wouldn’t have lasted that long. She had no idea what snake had bitten the dog either.

She had read that Vitamin C is a universal anti-venom so she went to the fridge where she’d be keeping a couple of Vit. C injections for exactly this occurrence, and injected the dog behind its shoulder. Within a quarter of an hour he was right as rain. Completely cured!

Vitamin C would work on spider, snake and tick bites. Beats conking out! But you’d need to keep it in your fridge. Vit C injections can be bought from stock suppliers.

Well, back to my talk on spiders.

Millions of spiders have cocooned entire trees across Pakistan in a thick coating of web. The webs are also chockers with dead insects.

The spiders  were forced into the branches by last year’s devastating monsoon floods.

The spiders climbed into the trees in late July last year when monsoon rains flooded the regions of Sindh, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan.

The water took so long to recede that the spiders soon coated their new homes in a thick mesh of web.

The locals in the Sindh province are happy the spiders have stayed as they believe that the spiders’ webs have reduced the mosquito population, which carries the deadly malaria virus.

So this is a good thing! Be kind to spiders!




What do you think of someone who could kill a swan?

Well yesterday some horrible teenagers in Melbourne, stoned a female swan to death. What was even worse, she was caring for her eggs.

Her partner has been caring for the eggs but he has to leave the eggs to get food sooner or later. Read more about it here. Swans mate for life and now the poor male is waiting for his partner to return. He has no idea she is dead. What a heartbreaking and disgusting situation.

As awful as it is, it is by no means the first time such a thing has occurred. See These low lives killed a swan the same way just recently. This time the act occurred in Providence, U.S.


The Decorah Bald Eagles at Eagle Manor via the Ustream Live cam are thriving as a family. Thanks to Bob and the Raptor Resource Project in Iowa, bird watching of these animals is possible.

Watch them live on and

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