Be Quick to See the Seahorse!


The fantastical sea horse in the 1st Edition of Black Pearl of Laramoth

In the Doofuzz Dudes and the Black Pearl of Laramoth the Doofuzz Dudes ride under the sea on seahorses.

The seahorse is actually a tiny creature and would not provide much off a ride. The fictitious variety that live under the Sea of Laramoth are much bigger.

Unfortunately the sea horse might sadly be relegated to the realms of fiction very soon as they are now right on the verge of annihilation.

Once again we can thank the Chinese. Is there anything that is not in their herbal brews? I’m sure that at some time or other they’ve also popped parts of people in them!

Well, sea horses are one of the ingredients in Chinese herbal medicine.  This has sealed their fate. To cure a cough or whatever, these delightful creatures have been fished to the brink of extinction.

Still, there are some in the sea at Port Stephens.

They are fascinating creatures.  Seahorses are unique in the animal kingdom because the male carries the embryos and then gives birth to hundreds of tiny, fully developed babies.  It’s the only animal in the world where the male actually gives birth.

According to  although seahorses are protected in Australian waters, there are no longer many seahorses remaining in the water at Port Stephens. It was speculated that there is not adequate food for them there. Of course, it’s all very well to protect a species, but if their food sources or habitat is not protected then there’s not much hope for them is there?

In ‘Last Chance to See’ on the weekend, Steven Fry featured the Seahorse.

They also featured the chimpanzee. I did not realize that the chimp is also under threat of extinction. According to   Chimpanzees in Uganda are under threat because of the bushmeat trade; habitat loss and fragmentation due to agriculture and human settlement; and conflicts with farmers.  Their habitat has been lost to agriculture and human settlements. At the heart of this problem is the attitude of most farmers that chimpanzees and the conservation of forest habitats are a threat to their own livelihoods.

 The International Institute for Environment and Development project team is working with smallholder farmers in a participatory process to determine the forest management practices needed to conserve chimpanzee habitats in the corridor area and the payment packages of cash and in-kind support measures which will provide incentives for conservation.

Chimpanzees have been stolen for zoos for a hundred years and also used extensively in medical research. It is unfortunate that chimpanzees are remarkably like humans, which is not necessarily a good thing. Just like humans they can be violent, jealous, vengeful and hold grudges. But unlike humans, they can’t speak up for themselves and they don’t have finances to save themselves.

Misguided people (think Michael Jackon and his Bubbles) think that chimpanzees make delightful pets. No doubt they are cute when they are babies. However they grow up to be very strong and could easily kill their owner. Also, like any human, they reach puberty and want a mate. Behavioural changes then can make them very dangerous to humans and their fate is usually to be locked alone in a cage when that day arrives. I have previously written about the sad story of monkey babies…/dont-monkey-around-with-the-monkeys.

I am always thinking how sad it is for monkeys that so many of them are locked alone in cages for the satisfaction of humans. I am proud to say that PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) rescued one monkey that I recently saw alone in a cage in a silly private zoo in Turkey.

What would we say if aliens captured humans and kept them in cages in their zoos? It was serve us all jolly well right if they did.

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